We are excited and proud to announce our partnership with Journey, a crowdfunding platform for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. We are working together to raise funds for clients and projects that will have employment related outcomes. One such project is Sydney United Afghan Girls Soccer Team, check out how it will empower young women through the medium of sport!

Sydney United Afghan Girl's Soccer Team


My name is Sydney United Afghan Girls Soccer Team...

My name is Shokofa Hassani and I am the captain of the Sydney United Afghan Girls Soccer team. There are 19 girls who are currently in the team. The majority of us come from refugee backgrounds. Normally, not many girls in the Afghan Hazara community are engaged in sporting activities. Soccer is a great way of not only keeping the girls active but also changing the attitude of the community towards women and girls playing sports. We hope to encourage more girls in the community to develop their skills, gain confidence, and make new friends.

How are you helping?

Your donations will go towards purchasing soccer boots, training equipment, and transportation and accommodation for the Easter Afghan Soccer Tournament in Melbourne this year.

Verified by: Kateb Hazara Association