We are excited and proud to announce our partnership with Journey, a crowdfunding platform for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. We are working together to raise funds for clients and projects that will have employment related outcomes. One such project is the Madhubani Art Classes, part of our larger women's hub, check out how it will enable Anamika to empower more women below!



My name is Anamika, I grew up in a small Indian village, and I came to Australia with my husband a few years ago. As I was growing up I learnt the traditional art form known as "Madhubani", a traditional folk art developed in a small village in Bihar. Having experienced the challenges of arriving in a new country I would desperately love to give back and support migrant and refugee women through the struggles they often face.

By running traditional Indian art classes I hope to empower women to do something for themselves, tackle the loneliness of not belonging in the community, and reduce the trauma many women experience when fleeing from war torn countries. 

How are you helping? 

Your donations will help support Anamika run art classes for women in her community to help them regain their identity and a sense of belonging. 


$1000: Allows Anamika to purchase art equipment and set up art class

$5000: Supports Anamika in running one full year of art classes helping 60 migrant and refugee women

Please consider supporting by following the link below!