Affordable driving lessons for those in need living in Holroyd, Parramatta, Auburn, Blacktown and surrounding LGAs

What is Fair Go Driving School?

It is a social enterprise project that aims to assist those who are unable to acquire their provisional driving licence in an affordable manner because of their circumstances, so that they can have equal access to jobs, services and employment opportunities.


Who is eligible?

  • Anyone on Centrelink payments

  • Refugees and new migrants who are in long term unemployment

  • Women who are deprived of this opportunity given their circumstances

  • Youth in supported accommodation due to family breakdown and do not have access to any family support


How it works?

All lessons will be provided by a qualified driving instructor. Our vehicle has a dual break control installed approved by RMS. The number of lesson hours provided to learners is unlimited, working towards passing their practical driving test at the end of the driving course. The total hours of driving lessons varies according to individual’s learning skills and experience. All leaner drivers under 25 years old are required by RMS to complete 120 hours of driving lessons before attempting the practical driving test. Our vehicle is available for use for the practical driving tests subject to approval by the driving instructor. Only those learner drivers who are deemed ready for the practical driving test are allowed to book our vehicle for the test.



An affordable minimum fee of $35/hour (approximately 50% of the commercial rate) will be charged to all students for each lesson to cover for the running costs including petrol, insurance and vehicle maintenance to ensure that this project is self sustaining and ongoing thereafter. To book the vehicle for a practical test will cost $120.

Special offer for a limited time: Pay $140 for 4 lessons and get the 5th lesson free



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