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traditional afghan kite making 

Want to learn the art of traditional Afghan kite making? If the answer yes, click through to join us for some fun and creative classes. 

henna art

Traditionally practiced in the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, South East Asia and the Sub Continent, Hena is a body art perfect for events, festivals and classes for students.

Terry Bastien

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Fred Simmons

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Mary Sung

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The Community Migrant Resource Centre’s Magic Carpet! Project works with refugee artists to help support their dreams, practice their art, and share their artistic skills with the Australian community.

Magic Carpet! a CMRC initiative provides social enterprise opportunities to a number of talented refugee artists working across metropolitan Sydney.

There are 4 artistic facilitators with artistic abilities in Henna Design & Candle Making, traditional Afghan Kite Making, Hair Braiding and Jewellery Making.

The facilitators are trained to run session for children, adolescents and families, and or have a stall making and selling their art works.