The art of Afghan Kite flying is a common hobby of Afghans throughout Afghanistan. It was a form of sport that has taken the form of art. The making and flying of the kites is an honour as one competes in who is the best kite flyer in the neighbourhood.

The workshops are run by Afghan Hazara kite artists Roohulla and Nazir and assistant facilitators who teach people how to make the traditional kites, sharing their history and folklore of kite artistry and kite fighting in Afghanistan, as they showcase and honour their culture in their new homeland. During the workshop participants will be taught about the history behind the design and size of kites, the making of unbreakable tar (wire), and the use of thin paper and the skeleton supported by bamboo wood. 

Benefits to Students and Parents

Provides an opportunity to:

  • ·        Engage directly with artistes to learn the history of  Traditional            Afghan Kite Making
  • ·        Express themselves in a supportive environment
  • ·        Break down intergenerational conflict between parent and                  child
  • ·        Improve intercultural respect
  • ·        Learn through visual and sensory experiences about different              cultures
  • ·        Build on the knowledge they have
  • ·        Create works of art with everyday materials
  • ·        Build self-esteem, communication, & time management


Workshop Duration: 2 hours

Target Group: The Session is designed to target all age groups from children, young adults, and mature aged adults. Workshops can be run for group of 10-25 participants.

Presentation topics:

  1. The birth of kites
  2. Different kinds of kites
  3. Kite Festivals in different cultures
  4. Personal Experience with Kites
  5. Step by Step guide: How to design and make a kite
  6. Hands on experience - participants learn to make their very own kite, decorate and learn flying techniques

Supporting resources: Resource material is provided during the workshop

Team Profile

Quotes from team on what their art means to them  
A little bit about their stories/journey 


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