Young Storytellers is a CMRC project and service that aims to tap into the creativity of young people and provide them with an outlet to tell stories they are passionate about. Young Storytellers aims to: 

1. Brand the CMRC and its projects/services digitally 

2. Serve as an enterprise, by providing a photography and film service for other community organisations, services and individuals 

3. Be a creative outlet for young people to tell stories and advocate for issues they are passionate about 

4. Provide education and training to young people in the use of digital technologies, in order to provide employment pathways  

For more information or to make use of this service, contact: Community Engagement and Communications Officer, Bahram Mia 9687 9901 or 





"Film & photography is my passion. It allows me to explore my creativity and lends itself as a medium though which moments can be transformed into stories. In a world immersed in visual stimulation, I believe there is no better way to showcase people, entrepreneurs and talents than through film-making. I enjoy creating works that contribute to the growth of communities and documents the stories of people from all walks of life." 

Priya follows a young Afghan man during filming for a story on his footballing journey and how it helped him resettle in Australia. 



"A picture truly is 'worth a thousand words.' It has the ability to convey a spectrum of messages through a simple visual. The power of photography & film to connect people and make impacts in all spheres of life, from socio-politics to art & entertainment is why storytelling is important to me." 

Sathi sets the frame during filming for 'It Starts With Us,' an anti-domestic violence awareness video.