Code of Conduct Policy under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC) has been approved as both a Support Coordination provider, and as a registered provider of a range of other support services, under the NDIS. CMRC is aware of the potential for real or perceived indicative elements of the NDIS code of conduct in performing both of these roles for any individual.

The NDIS requires that ‘If a registered Support Coordination provider is also a provider of other supports received by the participant, then the registered Support Coordination provider will need to have mechanisms in place for dealing with any conflicts of interest that might arise. These mechanisms would normally involve both policies and administrative procedures.

This policy addresses these issues by adherence to the following:

CMRC employees of support coordination activities and other disability support services should

  1. Respect the rights and dignity of all NDIS participants, including their right to choice and control and to take reasonable risks.

  2. Provide supports in a safe and ethical manner with reasonable care and skill.

  3. Not make false or misleading claims or misinform participants.

  4. Respect the privacy of participants and comply with relevant privacy laws.

  5. Take into account the needs, values, and beliefs of different cultural, religious and ethnic groups.

  6. Communicate in a form, language and manner that enables the participant to understand the information provided and make known their preferences.

  7. Provide an accessible, fair and impartial complaints and disputes process that allows grievances concerning the support to be raised and resolved.

  8. Not practise under the influence of alcohol or unlawful substances.

  9. Not financially exploit clients in any way.

  10. Not engage in sexual activity, consensual or non-consensual, with a participant to who you are proving supports.

  11. Keep appropriate records and implement reporting and investigation procedures for serious incidents.

  12. Offer reasonable supervision and take reasonable steps to ensure staff are competent and supported to perform their role.

  13. Maintain adequate personal and professional liability insurance appropriate to the risks associated with your practice.

  14. Display the code of conduct or make it available to participants.


This policy will be reviewed as required.